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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Your Scorecard will show you precisely what’s driving success so that you can better allocate your people, time and ad dollars — don’t waste another penny on poor performance!

Your Scorecard Focuses on Four Critical Dimensions

Surfacing these critical data points helps you simplify success. You’ll benefit from our 22 years of experience, having created growth for thousands of brands and retailers.

Product Performance

Ad Spend


Which products are hidden gems that could drive significant revenue?

Search Performance

Which keywords are consistently crushing performance?

Campaign Performance

Are you allocating the right budget to the right campaigns?

Mobile Performance

Are you capitalizing on the wave of mobile traffic?

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Marketing Specialists think of our Scorecard and reporting:

EXCLUSIVE’s a premier partner for a reason — their belief that data, coupled with human intervention, problem solving, and creative ad management makes them stand apart! I’m excited that they’re bringing their perspective and views on data to marketing execs with this new Scorecard! Thanks, EXCLUSIVE, for giving marketers more great tools to understand and drive Google Ads performance!

— Candace Jordan, Senior Agency Development Manager, Google

Our team has managed Google Shopping campaigns since their beginning. The specialist-built spreadsheets we launched with to analyze our clients’ performance have evolved into a full technology platform that surfaces actionable insights faster. I am eager to hear what this new technology teaches you about your account and hopeful it will help enable ecommerce growth for all!

— Nolan Antonucci, Director of Strategy & Performance in Paid Advertising, EXCLUSIVE

100s of Clients — Billions of Data Points

Our enterprise data warehouse and Business Insights technology collects and analyzes billions of data points daily to give clients the views they need to measure our performance and grow!

Google’s Premier Partner since 2007

We helped to found the Google partner program, so our relationship is deep-rooted. We manage millions of dollars in Google ad spend and partner with Google themselves to ensure our clients get the best strategy possible.

By clicking to generate your Scorecard, you are agreeing to the Scorecard Agreement. Cancel any time.

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